CHCSS00074 - Child Protection skill set

CHCSS00074 - Child Protection skill set

This skill set reflects the skill requirements for the protection of children in a variety of roles in the community sector. Work may involve working directly or indirectly with children and providing support to children, families or communities.

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  • Duration: All study at DIVTEC is self-paced. We anticipate that the majority of students will complete this course within 6mths on a part-time basis.


    Entry Requirements: There are no explicit entry requirements for this skill set. However, it is targeted towards workers with existing experience or qualifications in community services or health sector roles seeking to broaden their skills in child protection.

    Additionally, all students will be required to complete language, literacy and numeracy activities upon enrolment. You will need to demonstrate a sound ability to read, write and understand the English language and use everyday mathematical problem solving strategies.