Looking for a little extra help with your studies?

The DIVTEC Training Team are committed to helping our students reach their study goals. We want to ensure you have all the support you need for a successful journey with us and, to make that even easier, we now have one-on-one tutoring available.

These sessions are the perfect opportunity for you to receive direct assistance with any workbook questions, case studies or activities. We call this a 'coaching call'. And, best of all, it's FREE. To make the most of your booking, please let us know your questions ahead of time by completing the form below.


How to book: ​

  • Choose your preferred service - coaching call or suitability meeting

  • Scroll down to select from the available date and time options

  • Enter your contact details (and questions)

  • Click the book button.

You will then receive an email confirming your chosen timeslot, and a reminder the day before. It's that easy!